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Tobacco Free

Information for Non-Smokers/Tobacco Users

Making a Difference

The success of the campus' smoking/tobacco policy depends upon the respect and cooperation of all members of the university community. As a non-smoker/tobacco user, you can play a key role in helping to raise awareness and creating a culture of compliance by respectfully informing others about the campus' policies.

What You Can Say and Do

In the event you see someone smoking or using tobacco on campus, you are encouraged to inform them in a polite, respectful way of the campus policies. For example:

"Excuse me, but the University of California, Riverside is smoke and tobacco free. Please extinguish (and/or) dispose of your (prohibited item) in the nearest trash can. Thank you."

If the individual refuses to comply with the policies, please contact your supervisor.

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How can I help a friend/co-worker stop smoking/using tobacco?

Remember that you cannot force someone to stop smoking/using tobacco - they have to want to do it themselves. But if they do decide to quit, your support as a friend can be invaluable. Here are some tips on how you can help someone else quit tobacco.

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