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Tools, References and Instructional and Promotional Materials

Campus Tobacco Policy

Download and read the full text of the Campus Tobacco & Smoking policy that went into effect on January 2, 2014.

UC Smoke & Tobacco Free Policy website

Visit the UC Smoke & Tobacco Free Policy website that features information on the policy and its implementation, as well as videos on how to talk to a variety of audiences about the tobacco policy.

E-Cigarettes: The Double-Edged Sword

Prue Talbot, professor of cell biology at the University of California, Riverside, presented "E-Cigarettes - A Double-Edged Sword" to an on-campus audience on Nov. 6, 2013. In the presentation she details her ongoing research into E-cigarettes and the positive and negative implications of the devices. Click the link to watch the presentation on YouTube.

Instructional Materials

The committee has developed several documents for use by UC Riverside students, staff and faculty.

UCR Survival Guide for Tobacco Users: What You Need to Know

This guide was created to assist and support tobacco users to manage their tobacco use while on UC property. Consider this a "survival" guide with resources to help you comply with campus policy and maybe even break your habit for good.

UCR is Tobacco-Free Policy Overview in English and Spanish

The two-page overview (in English) contains basic information about the policy,  its history and implementation schedule.

El documento de dos páginas (en Español) contiene una visión general a cerca de la directiva, su historia e implementación.

UCR Smoke/Tobacco-Free Resources Brochure

The UCR Smoke/Tobacco-Free Resources Brochure provides a list of resources for faculty, staff, and the general public who wish to stop smoking or using tobacco.

Smoking Cessation Apps

The Smoking Cessation Apps page provides a list of apps for multiple platforms that can assist individuals who wish to stop smoking or using tobacco.

Tobacco Cessation Resources for Staff and Faculty Flyer

This customizable flyer (PDF) contains a list of resources for people hoping to quit smoking or using tobacco. It also features an editable field to allow you to insert campus or department specific cessation opportunities. For best results, right click on the link and save the file to your desktop, then open it from within Adobe Acrobat.

Tobacco Cessation Benefits and Services for Students Through UCSHIP Flyer

This flyer explains the benefits and programs students can access through the UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP).

Tobacco Smoke/Tobacco-Free Postcard

This is a 5x3 inch postcard with information on UCR becoming a tobacco-free campus. These will be printed and distributed on campus and are also available as a downloadable PDF.

Helping a Friend Stop Smoking

A collection of tips you can use to help a friend, colleague or family member quit smoking or using tobacco.

The Smoke/Tobacco-Free Initiative Fact Sheet

This two-page PDF contains great reference information and background on the reasoning behind the initiative.

Quick Facts

This six-page PDF contains the information from this website divided into 33 questions and answers.

Suggested Scripts

These scripts are intended to help UCR community members become more comfortable discussing the tobacco-free environment policy with other staff, students, faculty, and visitors in a respectful and supportive manner. The scripts are also available as a PDF.

Supervisor Talking Points

These talking points are  for campus supervisors who need to interact with individuals who have violated the campus smoking & tobacco policy. The talking points are possible starting points for conversations about compliance. The talking points are also available as a PDF.

AIR Smoke & Tobacco Free Training

The Clearing the Air: “AIR” Training Session is accessible through the UC Learning Center (registration required) or from the UC Training and Education Center of Excellence Page (no registration required). This 15-minute training is completed online and will include a short quiz to test your understanding.

UC Training and Education Center of Excellence

Promotional Materials

Tobacco-Free Resources Brochure (PDF) provides a list of resources for faculty, staff, and the general public who wish to stop smoking or using tobacco.

"Clearing the Air" Computer Desktop Theme Image (JPG) - this "Clearing the Air"-themed image is perfectly sized to serve as a desktop image on your computer. For Windows, click the link to see the image, then right-click on the image and select "Set as Desktop Background." For Macs, click the link to see the image, then hold down the option button and click on the image. Then Chose "Set as Desktop Background."

Tobacco Organizations and References

This page features a comprehensive list of national organizations with information about tobacco, smoking, cancer and cessation.

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